Digital Product Manager Vacancy

The Digital Product Manager role is a unique opportunity for a Product Manager with technical competence, experience of design and strong interpersonal skills to take a new product at build stage through to build, launch and test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), refine the product and adapt it for two new verticals. The Key is a small, but ambitious values-led organisation with a budget for development. This core product is central to the future strategy and has the potential to significantly grow the positive impact the organisation has, by inspiring belief within even more young people facing challenging circumstances.  

We’re looking for a multi-skilled, agile individual with a good understanding of design, a strong understanding of technology as an enabler (and its limitations), an effective communicator and a strategist.

The Key's Digital Product Manager will contribute to The Key’s ability to achieve its vision for growth, by building upon the work of the ‘Innovation and Growth’ team leading the design, development and delivery of a new product. This product will enable a wide range of organisations to offer The Key Framework to their young people in a sustainable and autonomous way. The role includes adapting this core product for the Further Education (FE) sector and the design, development and testing of an offer to enable delivery partners (customers) to collaborate and share with each other as a community.

Term is 11 months to cover Director and Innovation and Growth maternity leave (June 21 to end April 22)
Deadline to apply: Sunday 11th April 2021.

Download the Candidate Pack to find out more and apply here.