Key Spotlight: Hemlington Linx

Key Partner Spotlight: Hemlington Linx

Here at The Key, we're lucky enough to get to work with over 100 like-minded organisations passionate about inspiring belief in young people on a day-to-day basis. We love to collaborate with others and see how they use The Key Framework to empower their young people. 
To celebrate this and to shout about our amazing Key Partners, we'll be shining a monthly spotlight on just one of the many fantastic organisations we work with.
First up is Hemlington Linx, a Detached Youth Work Project based in Middlesbrough.
This brilliant organisation provides real-life opportunities to young people in Hemlington and further afield through their detached outreach work.
A Key Partner since 2016, Hemlington Linx has inspired belief in hundreds of young people through The Key Framework by encouraging them to think, plan, do and review their very own Key Projects.
We caught up with Hemlington to find out more about their Key Journey and how our Key Framework has supported their provision too...

How is The Key Framework used in Hemlington Linx?
We use The Key Framework to engage young people and help them to learn many different skills in a friendly environment with their peers. We use it in various settings such as Schools, Youth Clubs and NEET providers and are always looking for new, innovative ways of involving young people.

How does your Key Membership enhance your provision?
Our Key Membership provides us with the opportunity to deliver targeted work with young people who wouldn’t normally engage in our generic open access youth clubs. It provides us with the flexibility to work in a wide range of settings and opens up networking and partnership opportunities with other youth services (voluntary and statutory). It also provides young people with the resource and opportunity to lead and do their own activities too.
Our Key Membership also benefits both the school & NEET curriculum outcomes, young people’s needs, and learning styles.

How does The Key Framework make a difference?
The Key Framework provides young people with the opportunity to engage and lead their own, youth-led activities that they may never have had the opportunity to do. It’s youth-led so they get to choose where they take their project and what they do.
The Key Framework improves our young people’s skills and confidence. It provides them with an aim and objective to work towards; creating an environment for sustained participation and engagement.

What do your young people love about The Key Framework?
-It’s youth-led
-It’s flexible and creative
-Helps to improve their confidence
-Creates a sense of achievement
-Produces activities that young people want to engage in and be part of.
-Enables young people to give back to their local communities and services through social action projects i.e care packs for elderly residents, homeless people and hospital staff.

"The Key has transformed the behaviour of hard to reach young people and enabled them to develop important skills. It has given them a chance to plan something for themselves and work together as a team."

- Ricky, Key Facilitator at Hemlington Linx


Interested in becoming a partner? Get in touch to find out how you can use The Key Framework to inspire belief in your young people too.