Long Hot Summer starts now!

May 17 sees the country move on to the next stage on the roadmap and here at The Key, we’ve decided that this means we have arrived in Summer!! 

The last year or so has been tough, ‘playing out our role, even being out walking’, but things are looking brighter (either side of the hailstorms) and we’re hopeful that we can make Summer 2021 one to remember! 

The freedoms of April 12 have seen a big uptick in Key projects and with restrictions relaxing further today, we want to encourage even more of you to jump on board and make the most of what we’ve decided is a 5 month summer! We can’t guarantee glorious weather, unfortunately, but we can guarantee the chance to run some amazing projects as we are more able to enjoy being with each other and ‘the feeling is off-screen’. 

In the last month, we’ve seen some amazing panels for trips to giant outdoor water park inflatable obstacle courses, beach sports days, gardening projects, dance classes and many more! So why not follow suit and get a group of friends together and figure out how you can have covid-safe fun together while developing your 12 Key Skills. Think we all deserve a long overdue hang out – we’ll probably ‘not know whether to laugh or cry'! 

Key projects can also be a great way to get together to do a social action to improve the world around you, something I think we can all agree is needed right now! So maybe you want to use your Key projects to send care packages to your local care home, raise awareness of an important local issue or spruce up your youth centre’s outdoor space! We still have some funding available for Stage 1 Social Action projects to be carried out as bonus projects on top of your membership package. 

We can’t think of a better way to banish the memories of lockdown and all those Zoom quizzes (what once was pleasure, now’s pain for us all!) and we can’t wait to hear what exciting projects you come up with!  

If you have any questions at all about your membership or ways you can utilise The Key, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your friendly neighbourhood Delivery Team – Una and Jack.  

Don’t let the Long Hot Summer pass you by...