Sage & The Key - Our Strategic Partnership

Global software giant, Sage, are passionate about supporting and empowering young people to achieve their dreams, which is something we at The Key are passionate about too. That’s why in 2016, we joined forces and created a bespoke win win strategic partnership to inspire belief in young people from across the North East.

Together, we have supported 176 young people from the region to build their skills and confidence and explore their entrepreneurial capabilities through The Key Framework and  enterprise fairs – helping to meet Sage Foundation’s global missions.

Brendan Flattery, European President at Sage, said: “Our partnership with this fantastic North East charity helps us to do this by sharing the experience we have here at Sage and helping to build a structure around the young people’s learning with real-life relevant business  experiences that they can learn from.”

Hannah Underwood, Chief Executive at The Key, said: “It’s a fantastic endorsement that Sage believes in our work and the positive impact we make and is a great start to our new approach to building long term, win win partnerships with businesses.”

Our strategic partnership with Sage has continued to flourish and evolve. We have since delivered our development framework with 23 Sage employees from apprentice to executive secretarial level and achieved great results.

The three week framework, ‘Sage… Does The Key’, saw Sage employees split into teams and come up with their very own innovative fundraising idea. All teams later pitched their ground breaking ideas to trained Sage Community Panel Members for seed funding. Once successful, the groups got underway with their money making schemes whilst receiving support and regular communication with The Key.

As employees progress through this framework, they’re pushed out of their comfort zones and develop essential skills. Celia Bauerfeind, Exectuve PA at Sage, said “I believe I have developed negotiating skills, a new found of confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone and to network with anyone and everyone, something I never thought I would enjoy, but did!”

Taking part in ‘Sage does The Key’ definitley inspired Celia to belive in herself more, helping her to realise “I should always give it a go, no matter how nervous I feel [because] I can actually do this!”

Chris Spedding, Sage apprentice, who also took part in ‘Sage does The Key’ alongside Celia said: “Sage does The Key has given me insight and experience on how to apply skills in certain situations. I believe all the skills I either learned or improved taking part in Sage does The Key will benefit me in the future. A lot of the skills are transferable such as communication, coping with stress and tension, negotiation and also dealing with people in power and authority.”

“Our apprentices have been put out of their comfort zone more in the last few weeks than they have in their first year at being at Sage.”  - James Ross, Sage Apprentice Team Manager

We’re overjoyed to be working with such a fantastic organisation like Sage. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded organisations who share similar passions as The Key. If you’re interested in starting a win win partnership and exploring how we could work together, then simply get in touch. Call Victoria on 0191 731 7837.