Inspirational December Key Projects

December has been a blur of brilliant Social Action activity with tons our young people dreaming up, planning and pitching their own festive Key Projects that give back to those around them.

From Christmas present donations for those less fortunate to care packages for the homeless. We've had some seriously lovely ideas progress through The Key Framework from youngsters across the North East and to help share the spirit we thought we'd tell you about a few...

BEA - Brandon Carrisde 

Three youngsters from Durham have chosen to be give to others this festive period with their Stage 3 project as they gear up to push a present drive for less fortunate children in County Durham.
Key Group, BEA, got a big yes at panel earlier this month as they talked about their fantastic idea to donate stockings and gift parcels to children and young adults whose families are visiting the County Durham clothing bank this Christmas. The young women rang around stores and asked local businesses to offer any donations too. Not only is their project benefitting many, but the girls also helped to raise the spirits of the local community whilst building their own skills and confidence. Well done BEA!

The Firm - Deerness Valley

Joe, Sydney and India decided to help make sure their local elderly residents were kept safe and warm over the Christmas period. The Firm chose to make winter care hampers jam-packed with essentials like blankets, socks, hats and a few treats including tea bags, kit kats and lots more food to keep them going over the cold period. 

Hunger Busters – Hebburn Comprehensive School

The Hunger Busters will creating food packages for Hebburn Help Food Bank for their Stage 1 social action project . The youngsters researched recipes that were low cost, long lasting and easily made before going ahead to purchase the ingredients and packaage them up to hand out at the food bank.

PROPS Youth - Newcastle

This group of girls wanted to make the local CAMHS service waiting room feel less clinical and more young person friendly. The group found that a lot of the young people accessing this service, including themselves, are struggling with issues and the waiting area doesn't really help to put them at east and make them feel comfortable and relaxed before their appointments. With this in mind the group came up with the brilliant idea of decorating the waiting area to be safe and friendly zone for those waiting for appointments.

Hebburn Heroes – Hebburn Comprehensive School

A group of SEN young people from South Tyneside want to give to those less fortuante than themselves this Christmas by creating care packages for homeless people in the North East. The group have thought of teverythign with their winter projects including pruchasing items to keep those on the streets warms with sleeping bags, tents gloves and hats, items that help keep them clean including sanitiser, deoderant, sanitory towels and finally deciding to choose items that can help keep them fed with tinned goods and long-life food options. This group of young people have really went the extra mile for others with their Stage 1 social action project.

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