We need your opinion - Are life skills important?

Here at The Key, we're thrilled to be hosting Gabriel Brown, a young person who secured funding from Virgin Money Foundation to run his very own research and campaigning project. Passionate about life skills education and the importance of it for young people, Gabriel has set about to get the views and opinions of young people, adults and education workers to inform his big campaign. Here's a few words from Gabriel himself to tell you all about it and ask for a few minutes of your time...

"Hi everyone! My name is Gabriel. I’m currently doing a project all about life skills education. It’s a subject that me and a lot of my friends are passionate about and feel needs to be more prominent! 

Life skills education is all about learning skills to help us be more prepared for life. Whether it's communication skills, CV writing skills, money management skills or even time management skills; they're all important for later life and, with your help, I want to help spread the word and draw attention to the importance of life skills education.

How can you help? I’m looking for as many opinions as possible to help support my project! The more people who take part, the more chance we have of creating change. If you could spare just a few minutes to complete my short survey then I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Please click the relevant survey below and help spread the word...

Young Person Survey

Adult Survey

Survey for Teachers & Educational Staff

           - Thanks in advance, Gabriel."