12 Chilly Key Projects for you!

We're feeling inspired by the cold, white stuff outside and so we're bringing you 12 chilly Key Projects to try...

  1. Snowtubing: Why not grab a rubber ring and head down the slopes at Whickham Thorns. 
  1. Ice Skating: Master the ice and boogie at the same time with Whitley Bay Ice Rink's Disco nights. 

  1. Skiing: Why not head to the snow zone and try your hand at skiing on real snow. 

  1. Sledging: Grab your sledge (or the old-fashioned bin bag) before the snow melts and head to the hill. 

  1. Snowboarding: Head to Silksworth and get your first group snowboarding lesson. 

  2. Curling: A winter Olympics favourite, could your Key Group be crowned champions?

  3. Frozen 2: Organise a community trip for the younger ones to watch Frozen 2.

  4. Afternoon tea with the ice queen: Stay warm whilst sticking to the theme by heading to Seven Stories and enjoying a tasty treat with the ice queen.

  5. Ice Hockey: A fast paced sport that is bound to wear you out whilst giving you some adrenaline packed memories.

  6. Igloo building: There's many ways to build an igloo in the UK without even using snow. Can you come up with an innovative alternative?

  7. Cool Runnings Movie Night: Be inspired and relax whilst watching this icy classic. Why not grab some cool themed snacks too?

  8. Ethical Husky Sledding: Give husky sledding a go in the UK OR put your budgeting and negotiation skills to the test and see if you can get to Iceland to experience the real thing first-hand.


Feeling up to the challenge? Start your chilly inspired Key Project today OR suggest your own...