Seven ways to smile!

Spread Joy: International Day of Happiness

Last week we celebrated the International Day of Happiness and to further mark the occasion we thought we'd share seven safe ways to bring on a smile and spread happiness. You could...

  1. Reach out (virtually) to someone self isolating or social distancing
  2. Donate to a charity or cause in need
  3. Tell your group members how well they've developed their skills
  4. Look to the future by dreaming up and planning an activity you've always wanted to do so you can make it happen after social distancing
  5. Do a fitness activity to get that serotonin pumping
  6. Spread the smiles by safely sending kind messages and quotes online
  7. Smile, say hello, believe in yourself and be kind to those around you - we think happiness is contagious!

Please spread joy safely and take care when following the government guidance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.