The Key Framework

Our framework changes the way young people look at their future. It helps them discover what they are capable of and build the drive and determination to do something meaningful with it.

How it works

Our framework helps young people take responsibility for what matters most and experience the rewards of self-discovery and personal development.

We get teams of friends together to think, plan, do and review their very own projects. Thousands of young people do this every year with the support of trained Key Facilitators. All we ask is for young people to engage their individuality, curiosity and creativity as they dream up their projects and work together to make it happen for real.

This simple journey, based around a healthy balance of freedom and structure, provides the vital spark that young people need to ignite their passions and practically develop their skills for real world success.

The science bit

Our framework is robust and embedded in scientific theory of human motivation, development and learning.

Throughout their journey young people focus on their development of twelve specified Key skills.

These skills are the building blocks for future success in education, training, work and adulthood. When you couple them with inner strengths like confidence and self- awareness, young people can use them to follow their passions, build their own lives and make the most of their unique potential.

The 12 Key Skills