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Emily first got involved with The Key when she embarked on a KEY+ journey of her own as she, along with friends, formed The DAACsplashers and dreamt up and delivered their own Stage 1 Project.  Together they planned a team building day to push themselves out of their comfort zone, develop their organisational skills and have some fun at the beach with surfing and games.

After completing her project, Emily decided that she too wanted to become a Key Facilitator and support young people within Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC). With this in mind, she signed up to training with The Key and became a fully-fledged Key Facilitator.

“I had previously taken part in KEY+ projects and loved the outcomes of each one and seeing how much it helped myself and others, I wanted to be able to use my experiences to help others do the same.”

“As a Key Facilitator, I now have the knowledge to help other groups start up their projects to develop themselves. In DAAC, we work with a lot of young people who benefit from the KEY+ greatly."

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