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The Bruciliana's

The Bruciliana’s joined forces at school to complete The Key and learn about making positive choices together to stay out of trouble and achieve their full potential. 

The six young women (aged 15-16) first came together to plan their own ‘escape room’ experience with hopes of strengthening their friendship and simply letting their hair down. After such a successful stage 1, the group were ready and raring to go with their Stage 2.

With hopes of planning a Stage 2 Key Project that would build their confidence and resilience, the group had to think long and hard about an activity that could help build them up. They wanted to disconnect with the world and negativity and go somewhere where that would take them outside of their comfort zone. What better way to do this than an ‘unplugged’ residential trip in the wild? 

Ellie, Holly, Lucy, Nicole, Teigan and Yasmin got to planning their own adventure. They needed to speak to people in power and authority by first getting permission from teachers to go ahead and do their idea and then by speaking to suppliers and potential venues. They communicated to people in a range of different ways by; ringing venues and activity suppliers and negotiating the best deal, emailing suppliers to confirm vacancies and speaking to teachers to get permission, face to face. The Bruciliana’s did an excellent job of searching for information, making sure they got the best deal to keep it all within budget. With all their planning in place, they were ready to head to panel! 

Although extremely nervous the group had clearly gone above and beyond to develop the 12 Key Skills. Having all agreed their responsibilities and saw them through, it was never really in doubt that The Bruciliana’s would impress at panel and make it a somewhat easy decision for the panel to say yes! 

Filled with confidence from panel, the group headed off to their planned activity and began their 2 day survival experience. Their engagement in The Key Framework had already helped the group become much more confident and empowered them to really believe in themselves and their ability to make things happen. The Bruciliana’s pushed themselves to plan such a big project that took them away from home and outside of their comfort zone and they had a brilliant time in the process.

Well done The Bruciliana’s!

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