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Turtley Green

The issue of pollution and Climate Change is worsening each year. This growing issue can only be alleviated when groups begin to make small changes within their community. Here at The Key, we are spending September celebrating all the Social Action Projects we have seen in the past. Turtley Green are just one.

This Key group saw the growing problem of pollution on their local beach and fled their to spend the day picking up all the litter across their community beach. After their day, they spent the early evening having dinner together, the classic fish and chips at the beach to reward themselves for their hard work. 

Throughout September we have been celebrating all Social Action Projects past and present! And we wanted to give this one some recognition too from 2019. The hard work and determination of this group has shown the necessity of recognising climate change and pollution as a growing problem. The foundation work that this group brings is admirable to the community and has shown the need for changing in actions to help protect the planet.

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