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Glitter Gang

We're flashing back to this time last year when Key Group, Glitter Gang, joined forces to help those less fortunate through The Key Framework.

Ellie, Gracie, Katie, Macy and Olivia, aged 12-13, began their Key journey after meeting at their local girls outreach group in South Shields. Here the girls got to thinking about what they could do for their Stage 1 project that would help those around them.

Glitter Gang member Katie, 12, said: “It’s really sad to see people living on the streets. They won’t have the same stuff that we have in the winter to keep them warm. So we decided to buy hats, gloves, socks and basic items to hand out to homeless people in need.”

The girls thought about the challenges and difficulties homeless people face during the cold and wet winter period and how tough and dangerous living on the street could be. With this in mind, they came up with the idea of creating hand-packaged hampers filled with essential care items ranging from sanitary products such as hand sanitiser and sanitary towels to clothing and comfort items including hats, blankets, socks and more.

The Glitter Gang searched hard to find the costs and items they’d need to help the local homeless community and worked solidly to think about how they would distribute the hampers and get them into the hands of those most in need.

The young ladies blew the panel away with their thoughtfulness for others and were thrilled to get the much needed yes to go ahead and do their project.

The girls purchased their items and packaged their hampers before distributing some to homeless people on the street and giving some to a local food bank for them to distribute on their behalf. It’s been a brilliant and thoughtful project that the group have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from. They developed important life skills from searching for information and getting advice to coping with stress and tension. It’s certainly been a project to remember!

Glitter Gang member Macy, 12, said: “Doing this project has helped me to learn about homelessness and what we can do to help those in need. I’m really proud of what we’ve done and now feel more confident and grateful for what I have.”

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