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No-One Knows!

No-One Knows are a group of young men who came together and began KEY+ outside of the classroom to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Taking part provided No-One Knows with the opportunity to come together after the pandemic and deliver projects about things that mattered most to them but that they had been unable to do previously. In delivering these first two Key Projects, it improved their friendships and communication with one another whilst improving their behaviour and attitude in the classroom.

Will, a member of No-One Knows said: "We know each other a lot better, we can come to each other when we have problems and don’t feel afraid".

Stage 2 of their Key Journey saw the young men take on a camping trip to Kielder to experience the outside and improve their mental health after a difficult few years. This planted a seed in their mind and inspired No-One Knows help other young people to reap the benefits that they experienced from their time outdoors.

At Stage 3, the young men created their very own tent library in school so other pupils who were experiencing the same issues and in similar situations as them could hit the outdoors in their own time too. The innovation and creativity of this group will leave a lasting legacy as they leave school this summer.

Key Facilitator, Helen Cheape, who guided Key Group, No-One Knows, through their Key journey described her experience of the groups growth and development - " They have grown into mature responsible young men...It has given them something positive in what might have been a very difficult year"

No-One Knows! completing KEY+

No-One Knows on their way to Kielder
Stage one of No-One Knows on a trip in York
No-One Knows in York

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