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KEY+ Group: Funky Phoenixes

Three young change makers launched a battle against single use plastic with their KEY+ Project.

The Funky Phoenixes are a group of young women from Gateshead Youth Council who wanted to make an impact on their local school community with their Stage 2 KEY+ project.

As passionate environmentalists, the Phoenixes noticed lots of water bottles being thrown away after just one use, wasting a tremendous amount of plastic. They felt it was a mission they should tackle, and so began their Stage 2 KEY+ Project to do just that.

The Funky Phoenixes set their sights on school plastic waste and devised a creative system that made it much easier for the bottles to be recycled. They negotiated with the school for more accessible recycling points and then took it further to ensure all students and staff were bought into their vision.

Launching their friendly competition, this KEY+ Group created a battle of the schoolhouses, with students being awarded points and prizes for their recycling efforts. These incentives not only encouraged pupils to recycle at school but also changed the behaviour of both staff and students to be much more environmentally conscious.

A big well done (and thank you) to The Funky Phoenixes.

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